Fundraising for the Beast

Due to budget cuts throughout the whole school, we received less funding this year than last year. Last year we received about $17,000 for the year, which includes both the fall and spring season. While that was a huge help, it was just enough to make it. This year we received $15,000, and with some more expensive and needed purchases like new jerseys, which were about $2,000, this year is going to be really tight. With the beast of the east tourney quickly approaching we are about $1,700 short of what we need to go. We recently started a page as a fundraiser. This site allows people to donate money to our team online by using a credit card or other type of online payment. Though sharing the link on Facebook with our friends, family and alumni, we raised over $1,000 in only a week. Although very grateful to all of our generous donors, we still fell short of our mark. We are currently trying to brainstorm some other ideas to raise money but we haven’t come up with much yet. Hopefully we can come up with something quick before the opportunity to go to beast passes by.

This was the site we used for some of our fundraising. Its a really easy site to use and they only take a very small percentage of the proceeds to cover the cost of processing the credit cards.


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