Basic Rugby rules

Rugby is a Very simple game but can be the most confusing thing you’ve ever seen as well. At first glance it looks like a bunch of guys running around a field hitting people and piling on top of each other. I can assure you it is organized chaos. Here are a couple basic rules just to kind of give you idea.

1.) passing

          – the ball can never go forward from a players hands. In other words, the ball must always be passed backwards or lateral. There is no forward passing allowed. If the ball is dropped or fumbled and goes forward this is called a knock on. and a penalty scrum then takes place. The only way to advance the ball forward is to carry it or to kick it

2.) The Scrum

          -eight of the 15 players, known as the forward pack, bind together. Three in the front, four in the middle and one at the back. They push forward in the same formation, while the team that didn’t commit the foul puts the ball into the scrum, hoping it comes out at the back of the scrum on their side

rugby scrum


         – There are 3 rules to tackling. One you must tackle below the shoulders. Two you must tackle with your shoulders and hands you must wrap not just hit with a shoulder, and three you can drive the players head into the ground

4.) The Ruck

          – when the player is tackled the have to release the ball.What’s called a “ruck” is formed and the ball is up for grabs — the two teams have to fight for possession of the ball. Rules governing the contest for possession often vary referee to referee, but the basics are: stay on your feet, enter the ruck from your side of the field and don’t touch the ball until it’s secured by one team or outside of the ruck.

5.) Scoring

          – when points are scored this is called a try. Similar to running the ball for a touchdown in football, with the exception that the ball must be placed on the ground in the try zone with downward pressure applied. That why players often drive in the try zone. A try is worth 5 points, and the extra point kick is worth 2. unlike football the team that scores gets the ball kicked to them again.

6.) time

         -A rugby game is 80 minutes long with 40 minute halves and stoppage time similar to soccer. Draws are allowed but rarely occur in competition.



The Beginners Guide To Watching Rugby Union



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