The Haka

History: The haka is a pre-game ritual dance done by the New Zealand All Blacks, first performed before an international rugby fixture by the New Zealand Native Team in 1888. The haka plays an integral role in physically and mentally preparing All Black teams for battle. The chant was originally sang  to prepare for a war […]

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PSU Norseman Ruggers Go 2-0

This past Saturday 9-20-2014, the Plymouth State Norseman stepped out on to the pitch to face off against UMass Dartmouth.  With the team being in a new conference this year, and a great 55-10 victory over Endicott college last week, the Norseman needed to prove that last week’s win was not a fluke. This week […]

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Basic Rugby rules

Rugby is a Very simple game but can be the most confusing thing you’ve ever seen as well. At first glance it looks like a bunch of guys running around a field hitting people and piling on top of each other. I can assure you it is organized chaos. Here are a couple basic rules […]

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Hello world

My blog is about the Plymouth State Men’s Rugby team as well as other topics on the sport or rugby like updates on the professional teams and rule changes. I chose this topic because I play fullback or 15 for the team and it is a passion of mine. I encourage anyone who is interested […]

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