Fundraising for the Beast

Due to budget cuts throughout the whole school, we received less funding this year than last year. Last year we received about $17,000 for the year, which includes both the fall and spring season. While that was a huge help, it was just enough to make it. This year we received $15,000, and with some […]

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Eagles vs the All Blacks

This week I’m going to stray a little bit from the PSU team, and talk a little bit about a great match that was played last month. On November 1st of this year the USA team, the eagles, faced off against the New Zealand All Blacks. This was the first time the All Blacks have […]

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The Post Game Drink Up

One of the traditions were have on our team, as well as almost every rugby team, are the team drink ups. A drink up is a get together of all the players that are of legal age to drink to have a few cold ones after the games. Generally we all throw in 5 bucks […]

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Beast Of The East

Every spring, the rugby team enters a tournament the weekend after spring break. Last year, we took part in the beast of the east tourney that is held in Newport RI. The tourney has a total of about 50 between the men’s and women’s teams. Last year, we played against St. Michaels and lost by […]

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